MultiChill Technologies Inc


MultiChill Technologies has pioneered a new standard in both atmospheric water generation (AWG) and heat exchanger technology that can easily be installed on existing on-site power systems. Our MultiGen System has the ability to make water, cool air conditioning, and/or refrigeration – all virtually free of cost. Our systems are cleaner and more efficient than other solutions on the market today and have applications in new and existing buildings, supermarkets, data centers, telecommunications facilities, hospitals, schools, cluster housing (such as retirement villages), tourist resorts, mining camps, agricultural meat production, and remote communities.  

Basically anywhere there is a requirement for Power, Cooling/Refrigeration, and Water emanating from a single reliable, efficient and clean power source.  MultiGen Systems can operate on various fuels such as natural gas, Diesel, biogas, propane etc.  Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) technologies are used by MultiGen to generate a number of useful energy outputs using a single fuel source enabling many functions to operate simultaneously.  The efficiencies and financial savings when compared to using grid supplied power for the same functions are significant.

How does our MultiGen System work?

After electricity is created by either a Capstone Turbine or Diesel Generator the waste exhaust heat is captured and used to power our absorption chiller and air water maker.   The atmospheric water generator extracts water from the air and collects it. This complete alternative energy solution can be a remarkable savings in utility costs and energy efficiency.

Watch a video of the MultiGen diesel generator system here

Diesel Generator System

60 kW diesel generator with a 5 Ton chiller and a 5 Ton water maker (MT60D5T)

Capstone Turbine System

65 Capstone with a 5 Ton chiller and a 5 Ton water maker attached (65C5T)

Economic Water & Cooling Products

Our MultiGen System when integrated with diesel generators, microturbines, or other heat sources produces cooling/refrigeration and  water. Our systems use unique air-cooled absorption chillers along with a proprietary air-to-water maker to generate cooling and water on site. This system enables two additional functions without affecting the operation of the generator. Free energy from waste heat and thus free water. This commercially proven technology has its own patented water making process.

Quick Product Facts

  • Manufactures water from the atmosphere
  • Can use exhaust from existing or new generators or turbines
  • The produced water by-product cool air is suitable for cooling spaces
  • Low maintenance with few moving parts
  • Air-cooled absorption chiller and air-cooled air-water maker
  • Outputs are dependent on the atmospheric conditions found on site
  • Auto-adjusts to temperature variation of exhaust


Percent Of the people in the world will experience a water shortage by the year 2025


Percent of developed countries untreated waste water is discharged into local rivers, streams, and lakes


Million people are added to the worlds cities each year


Percent of India's water supply is now polluted by human and agricultural waste

Live Water Demonstration Video

The video shown here is a live demonstration of our products typical water generation capabilities. This system is a 12Ton (42kWt) Air – conditioner water maker.  Depending on the configuration installed our MultiGen System can produce the following outputs:

  • Manufactures Water from the atmosphere: Depending on the size Turbine or Generators used the system can manufacturer 400,000 to millions of liters per year.
  • Produces Electricity: 30kW to 1MW in the Capstone configuration.
  • Highly Efficient use of energy: >90% (compared to grid supplied power)
  • Up to 400 tonnes CO2 saved in one year
  • Uses Clean Fuel in the Capstone configuration. Natural gas, biogas or propane.
  • Similar outputs can be attained using Diesel power generation.