Atmospheric Water Vapour Generator

Create water from the air with our Atmospheric Water Vapour Generator and Air Conditioning system (AC-AWM).  The AC-AWM coolant is supplied by an air cooled ammonia absorption chiller.  The water coolant from the chiller, in turn connects to 4 varying sizes of Air Water Makers.  The total savings on energy can be significant as the Atmospheric Water Vapour Generator coolant is received from the Absorption Chiller which runs off the free energy of exhaust gas heat from Generators or Turbines. The AC-AWM requires minimal power to operate the fans which drag ambient air over the cooling fins at varying speeds depending on the dew point and temperature conditions found on site. The water generated output will depend on local atmospheric conditions. By adding the AC-AWM and chillers we create a MultiGen system, where we can deliver tri-generation, or CCHP, for simultaneous delivery of electricity, cool air conditioning and water from the atmosphere as an efficient tri-generation system.

In dry climates our Water Booster can be added to increase atmospheric Relative Humidity and thus water generation. This addition doubles the RH of the air prior to the moisture being removed. This feature suits conditions when the RH is from 10% to 45% . This component is a distinctive addition to a MultiGen and is also unique to this technology.

* Available for use in 50Hz and 60Hz environments

Atmospheric water generation

The sizes and weight will vary depending on the system chosen for example 5,10,20 Ton system can be connected in a series to the MultiGen Absorption chiller. Please inquire for more details.