Letter To The Editor


With interest I read your article on the rotary club and water in the Blade here, in Toledo August 5th.   http://toledoblade.typepad.com/ripple-effect/

As an introduction to you, I have recently arrived here from Australia where currently 80% of the state Queensland is under drought, so I am one who is well aware of the water issues in Australia. The Queensland farmers have the highest self-harm death rate in the world for a farming group. It’s a big issue and not just for Australia. With my colleagues, we will be starting to manufacture here in Toledo, our technology which “manufactures water from the atmosphere” for free while providing free air conditioning.  I have pursued this technology for a decade and our company, leads the world in this field no doubt.

Recently, I spoke at the World Bank in DC on the water situation in India, and how we could help in Air Conditioning (free) the 400,000 telecoms they have , while making water (free) for the locals. On a regular basis I am inundated with enquiries from all quarters, including California on this huge water issue. No water equals no food…. simple as that.

To be clear there are many people who have claims to making water from the air and these claims are murky and economical with the truth. You may be interested in this link from FOX TV in California. . Water from thin air? I couldn’t help myself and this was part of my letter to the poor interviewer……..” The  statements made in the interview, are so impossible that he can “fill a reservoir” or “the aqueduct” or “make a million gallons a day”…… it’s just not possible and certainly not with that technology. There is only one person who can do that…and he is upstairs…..GOD.

As I said earlier, here in Toledo we have set up a new company MultiChill Technologies Inc, a JV with some of your citizens, to manufacture the components needed to perform this sort of technology. We don’t change the laws of physics….. but we do bend them. The problem with making water is it’s simply a cheap commodity, and we all have just accepted it’s there, but to make it has been expensive and unreliable or simply not commercially viable. More people equals more food equals more water. By 2050 there will be another 100 million people in the USA according to current trends.

California has had a real wakeup call with the drought but a long way to go yet. A town in the outback of Australia has an evacuation plan…for when they run out of drinking water ! and this is in a developed country.

If you would like to discuss further the dire need for something to help with the water problems of the world, please feel free to contact me personally. I would be delighted to expound on the Rotarians theme.


My Best Regards,

Walter Wallie Ivison

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