Atmospheric Water Generation in the Outback of Queensland, Australia

A former Central West resident and Ambassador for the Bush Administration, Mr. John Anderson, recently introduced his business associate Mr. Wallie Ivison, CEO and Founder of World Environment Solutions to the drought ravaged communities of Longreach, Blackall, Tambo and his hometown Barcaldine. “Fresh on the back of Queensland Premier Cambell Newman’s visit to Longreach, I felt it was important for a company like World Environment Solutions to see first hand the extent of the dry circumstances that the Central West is in,” said Mr. Anderson. The cycles of rain and drought very much influence daily life and business choices of regional Queenslanders and World Environment Solutions products have an ability to enhance those choices Mr. Anderson said.

“The  water-making from the air technology developed and championed by World Environment Solutions is as simple as the principle our old kerosene fridges operated on when I was a kid in fencing camps and railway sidings in the 1960’s.” “Exchanging heat for cooling and chilling back then has given way to making water and cool air today,” Mr. Anderson said. World Environment Solutions has developed and patented the MultiGen system, which has the capacity to make water and cool air from the heat exhaust of existing diesel generators or gas turbines. The amount of cool air conditioned and water made is proportional to the amount of the exhaust heat and the relative humidity in the air making it of particular benefit to mining and resource company accommodation facilities.

“MultiGen has the capacity to make water in Alice Springs, Dubai or here in the Central West,” said Mr. Ivison. “We’ve recently installed a system at an educational facility in Wagga Wagga and are about to commission another in Albury.” “Both of those were new installations however the MultiGen approach can also build on existing diesel generators like we have running small communities here in Outback Queensland.” Mr. Ivison said that a smaller electric version of MultiGen are available for domestic use and would be sufficient to air-condition say a 200 m2 house as well as making sufficient water annually for a family of four. “If someone was looking to install a new ducted air-conditioning system in a house or commercial facility in say Longreach, then the opportunity to create and harvest water as a byproduct would be wise investment at this time and into the future,” said Mr Ivison.

World Environmental Solutions could supply a domestic drinking water-making product that could produce up to 25 liters per day of filtered drinking water sitting on the verandah or patio. “I’ve had one sitting on my deck for about eight years and my family of three have never had to drink or make tea from tap water,” Mr. Ivison said. “If 1200 residences in Longreach had one of these,” said Mr. Ivison,” residents could generate around 11 million liters of their own drinking water annually creating a significant saving in water treatment for Longreach Regional Council.”


“We are not suggesting people tear out existing AC systems and install these but we are simply pointing out that if you lived in the bush why not put in an AC system that makes water as well. We can’t fill the river but we can make enough for toilets and showers etc along with a small drinking fountain, and you would have the living aspect covered at least.

Most water is made in the evening when its cooler and water more dense.  I found in Barky that the yearly average Relative Humidity at 9 am was 52% meaning it was certainly more through the night. So a drinking fountain would make about 18 liters at 52 % RH…… still allot of water to drink and certainly would eliminate the need to have an evacuation plan as suggested by some councils…… beside where would they go and who would pay the bill etc.”

Wallie Ivison



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