Off-Grid Cell Towers Work with MultiGen

”This fuel bill is a heavy load to bear for telecoms companies financially and contributes to carbon emissions. In India alone during 2011 telecom tower sites consumed an estimated 3.2 billion liters of diesel fuel. At the current rate of expansion, that could reach 6 billion by 2020.

India is currently leading the way in installation and upgrading of off-grid sites to use alternative and renewable energy sources. The government in India heavily subsidizes diesel fuel and in an effort to reduce carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse emissions it has been mandated that 50% of rural sites be powered by renewable energy by 2015, and by 2020 75% of rural sites and 33% of urban sites should be switched over to green energy.”

There’s a major opportunity that exists to partner with cell phone tower manufacturers, installers, and off-grid facilities that use diesel power.  The addition of a MultiGen system  with utilized waste heat absorption to produce water from the air and cooling for the facility. Since to be used waste heat to power our unit both the water and air conditioning would be virtually free. The savings to both the company and country are substantial.

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