Case Study: SoCal Energy Lab Study of Chiller

Cooling Technologies, Inc. (now a partner in MultiChill Technologies, Inc.) approached SoCal Gas with a proposal to demonstrate a 5 RT Gas Air Conditioner unit in the field. SoCal desired a third party evaluation of the unit to ensure it would perform as specified in the field. SoCal’s performance testing was conducted at their Energy Resource Center Laboratory in California. SoCal issued the Summary charts shown here which demonstrate the above specification performance of the unit when comparing Cooltec’s figures (red) against the test laboratory findings (blue).

Cooltec case studies USA

“The Cooltec unit is the first product that we have tested in our laboratory that performed above the manufacturer’s specifications” – SoCal Energy Engineer

Cooltec case studies USA2

Summary and Performance

• SoCal Energy Lab
• Cooltec 5RT
• Capacity and Endurance
• Efficiency at High Ambient
• +10% Performance vs Specifications
• 15% Downrate at 45degC

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