Low cost, low maintenance water purification.

This simple passive solar device requires no electricity or expensive filter changes. It produces pure distilled water from any source of water. It can purify dirty polluted water from creeks, streams, ponds, wells and the sea. Distillation is a well-known process, and can purify virtually all types of water from non-potable sources.

The system produces more than twice the amount of distilled water than other conventional solar stills in the market. The design incorporates maximum use and recycle of heat once collected from the sun.

  1. The heat given off when water condenses is captured to pre heat the incoming non-potable water.
  2. The heat is collected on a black, nanofiber fabric with immense surface area. Larger surface area creates a thinner layer of water, and hence water evaporates faster. In a typical unit, the surface area of the heat collector is that of 200 football fields!
  3. The bottom plate is insulated by an air layer to prevent the heat from the heat collector from being lost to the atmosphere.
  4. For cold climates, an air insulation layer is also provided on the top. The sun’s rays generate heat at the heat collector, but the heat cannot escape to the cold atmosphere, but is utilized to produce water.

There are no moving parts in the entire system and the Voltek Energy Group with MTI and WES bring the latest in Nanofiber Technology to this development of solar water distillation.

The MTI and WES groups are proud to be associated with Voltek Energy Inc. We keenly offer this system of distillation for cleaning water where there is water while our Water from the atmosphere MultiGen system, offers water made where there is no water.

Each 2 square meter panel has the ability to distil approx. 20 litres of water per day in Tropical and Sub tropical geographical locations. Bundling additional panels together enables greater amount of water to be cleaned up for consumption.

Typical solar stills around the world

Distillation of sea water and filtering rural water supply

Key Benefits

  • Utilizes nanotechnology and intelligent design
  • Ultra high surface area results in rapid evaporation
  • Latent heat of vaporization is captured and recycled
  • High impact resistant plastic construction
  • No moving parts
  • No electricity required
  • Double the capacity
  • 5 to 10 year life span

Additional Information

The information shown above is all about a proposal we are doing with these panels and our MultiGen to supply water for an indigenous island in Australia. The salt produced is of commercial value and offers to residents a unique new industry.